Renewable Energy Solutions for a Brighter Tomorrow

Renewable Energy Solutions for a Brighter Tomorrow


Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels / PV systems with PID resistance and positive power tolerance.

Hybrid, on-grid/off-grid, single & three-phase inverters – your AC to DC conversion essentials.

Never run out of clean energy. Choose the battery pack that's enough for your needs.

ენერგია, სადაც არ უნდა იყოთ. მზის პანელები და პორტატული ელექტროსადგურები.

From providing you with efficient lighting, we're going to the next level. The V-TAC Energy catalogue aims to provide you with an end-to-end solution in lowering your carbon footprint by using clean energy from an efficient solar energy system.

 Switching to clean energy is a smart and reliable choice – it's possible to farm power and store it simultaneously with the right system.

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„ენერგო ინტენსიური“ ჩინეთი აძლიერებს ენერგეტიკულ მიქსს ალტერნატიული წყაროებით

“Energy-intensive” China is strengthening its energy mix with alternative sources

Wind power , solar power , hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants will contribute more than half of electricity production to China ‘s energy mix in 2022, surpassing fossil fuels for the first time in the country’s history , a competent public body predicts.
| January 13, 2023
Enel: 55 მილიონი ევროს ინვესტიციას ახორციელებს კოზანის ფოტოელექტრული პარკისთვის

Enel: Invests 55 million euros for a photovoltaic park in Kozani

Enel Green Power (EGP), a member of the Enel Group, plans to build a new photovoltaic project in Mavrodendri, Kozani, with a total investment of 55 million euros. The project, which is expected to begin commercial operation in the summer of 2023, will use double-sided panels. With its completion, the total installed capacity of the company in the prefecture of Kozani will reach 108 MW.
| January 12, 2023
2050 წლისთვის ელექტროენერგიის 45% მზისგან იქნება წარმოებული

By 2050 45% of electricity can be produced from the sun

Solar power could, under conditions, provide 45% of US electricity by 2050, up from about 3% in 2020, a report from President Joe Biden’s administration estimates. To achieve this goal, however, it is necessary to “significantly reduce the cost” of solar energy production, the energy ministry explains. In 2020, solar panels and thermal plants produced just under 80 gigawatts in the US, ...
| January 12, 2023
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